Finewood Product's Services

From Layout to colour choices, Finewood Products and Starfleet Construction have experienced design staff who will work with you from start to finish to fullfill your dreams. If it can be built, we can do it!



When designing or remodeling a kitchen, which is one of the most important rooms in a home, there are a number of very important questions to be asked, but the most important aspect to think about is storage. A kitchen with proper storage can make food preparation a lot easier, quicker and more enjoyable. In order for us to provide you with a functional kitchen, we must consider what type of cabinet will better store your food and cookware. We can make use of even those hard to reach places and corners by utilizing special door opening mechanisms and drawer configurations. The design possibilities are endless and we can customize just about anything. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a design that will make your kitchen that big part of your home you WANT to spend time in, whether it's cooking, eating or entertaining.

Vanities and Complete Bathrooms


A bathroom's most important feature is its design. The design of your bathroom should reflect your perception on what a personal haven is. Fine-looking cabinetry can really add to the feel of comfort in a bathroom, so whether you have a small or large room, the essential factor is that you achieve this sanctuary atmosphere by focusing on the cabinetry design. Finewood Products will help you create the right style bath for you, while still focusing on providing you with proper storage space and functionality. From simple powder room vanities to luxurious spa experience baths, we can help you design, draw, build, create...

Entertainment Hubs, Wall Units and Fireplaces


Let us help you make your entertainment at home more enjoyable by building a wall unit that will accommodate all of your electronic equipment, book collections and home accessories. Whether you choose to go with an elegant decorative unit or a clean-cut contemporary style piece, we can create a multi-functional entertainment centre customized to store your leisure items conveniently and neatly in one place. The combination of sleekness and aesthetic unity will create a more pleasurable setting in your home perfect for watching movies and spending time with guests. Why find entertainment elsewhere, when you have everything you want at home?

Custom Cabinets and Millwork


Finewood Products and Starfleet Construction have also been producing premium custom cabinets for institutional spaces such as libraries and educational facilities around the GTA. Our cost effective solutions include standard and custom pieces, which are constructed from fine, solid materials such as hard rock maple, birch or oak to ensure durability, as well as plastic laminates which are available in a wide selection of finishes and flexible style and design options. Drawings of standard units done at our shop can easily be customized according to your specifications to suit preferred dimensions. Amongst the millwork pieces we offer, are library units such as bookcases with adjustable shelves, cubbies, computer workstations and glass displays as well as classroom base and upper cabinets, desks, tall shelving units and benches.
Some of the custom cabinetry work we do: Classroom & Library Units.pdf